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EcoSolar provides full area inspection as well as design and installation of solar power setups as a long term, environment friendly and cost effective solution to the rising electrical demands. From farm-feeding tube wells to energy hungry homes and from sunlit schools to high power industries, EcoSolar covers a broad range of sectors throughout Pakistan. EcoSolar provides both Off-Grid and On-Grid capabilities in the solar power setup. In Off-Grid, the electricity is primarily stored in batteries for later use. In On-Grid, the electricity is sent to the grid (a process called Net Metering) resulting in a significant reduction of electricity bills and hence saving of money.

Residential Solar Services

  • Our residential solution is one of the most comprehensive solutions, designed to serve our customer’s long term needs. Unlike commercial applications, Residential areas often are much more limited in space and usually work with a more limited budget.
  • We use the state of the art solar technology to build scalable systems that perform better and last longer than older, traditional systems. We back this up with a warranty on all PV parts and components.
  • We have an affordable solar or energy-efficient solution for most every homeowner, in most every market.
  • Since all the residential properties do not have enough exposure to open space or roof space to install complete solar energy system to totally eliminate a power bill but we have solutions where we can help most people to improve their energy efficiency and produce enough power to reduce power bill.
  • Our main application for residential solar panels is to offset one’s energy use from the power company, thus reducing their carbon footprint and equalizing the cost of power for the life of the system.

Industrial & Institutional Solar Solutions

  • In Pakistan, the educational sector faces a serious hurdle in the form of costly electricity accompanied by frequent load shedding. To overcome this problem, EcoSolar provides solar power solutions to the electric supply of these institutions. Schools, colleges and universities can be fitted with solar panels in order to provide eco-friendly energy and reduce their operating costs. Hospitals, banks and offices can also reap similar benefits of solar technology to efficiently run their organizations.
  • EcoSolar delivers setup of solar panels that are heavy load compatible to the industries and factories of Pakistan. Due to the high power requirement in this sector, the nature of the solar output extends to not just single phase but three phase systems as well. Whether the three phase output is needed or not depends on the machinery connected to the solar power system. As industries are heavy consumers of electricity, solar panels help reduce the load on grid and therefore contribute to minimize load shedding.


The rural areas, which make up the majority area of Pakistan, suffer a scarce supply of electricity. Because of this, many farms with high yield potential have to face limited irrigation of water and so the agriculture sector, which drives the country’s economy, is also affected. EcoSolar tackles all these problems in the form of one solution: Solar Tube Well. The Solar Tube Well is a water pumping mechanism that draws water from deep underground and stores it in a tank for later use. This is done by using solar panels to store energy from the sun in rechargeable batteries which can be used to drive a motor pump when needed.