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 Our Services

Site Assessment and Feasibility

The first phase in our process is to do the site assessment and prepare the feasibility report. We assess our client’s requirements and their power usage.

Proposal and Financial Analysis

Eco Solar Power delivers a preliminary proposal with design and component plans as well as thorough financial analysis including the financial rate of return. Factored into the numbers is an outline of all the available incentives, credits and power buy-back programs for which our clients may be eligible.


The accredited and experienced Eco Solar Power installation teams bring a highly successful track record of delivering on time, on budget completed projects and adhere to the highest standards in safety. Our in-house team manage all on-site activity including permitting, site-prep, construction, interconnection and commissioning.


The final phase of our process ensures that the system is delivering on all productivity metrics with continued performance testing. We provide all final documentation, review all warranties with our clients and recommend operations and maintenance plans to ensure system performance over the long term.


Identifying the products that meet the demands our clients’ objectives is central to our success. Our first-hand experience with a huge variety of equipment means that we can guide our clients to making optimal product decisions. Our relationships with suppliers promise competitive pricing and access to the best.

Design and Engineering

Our deliverables promise the most cost-efficient, construction-ready plans that ensure peak production and reliability over the long term. Our engineers evaluate the distinct complexities and challenges of each project and work with our project managers in the refinement of detailed installation plans.